San Francisco City Book Review – Star Rating: 5 / 5

Engineering A Life is a feel-good autobiography about working hard to realize your dream. Krishan Bedi’s life was not without misfortune and failure, but he would take each bump in the road in stride. His “can do” attitude and drive make the story enjoyable and heart-warming. This is a family story, from Krishan’s family in India to the one he makes in the US. This is an excellent read for anyone to enjoy.

Reviewed by Philip Zozzaro



“Throughout his vivid account, Bedi shows amazing resolve and determination in achieving his dreams. Readers will likely applaud the author as he skillfully narrates his many trials on the road to forging a stable life in his new home. This engrossing and timely book should appeal to anyone wishing to learn more about the immigrant experience in America.”


“A remarkable memoir about a young immigrant who becomes a successful engineer in the U.S. after years of hardship.”

                                                                                                                    Kirkus Reviews 


“Bedi’s is a reflective memoir. Its contrasting descriptions of Indian and American cultures are thought provoking. In addition, the book offers valuable examples of the decisions an ultimately successful person makes over time—the good ones that lead to success and empathy as well as the bad ones that must be overcome.”


“Engineering a Life is a story not only of determination and grit but also of hope. Bedi’s indomitable spirit, positive attitude, and work ethic are a joy to read about.”  

                                                                                                              Foreword Reviews


“This is the story of a man from a village in India, who didn’t know how to drive a car and could barely speak or understand English but was determined to make a career in America as an industrial engineer. It’s a brutally honest voice of the hardships he overcame to attain the American dream. A detailed account of the immigrant experience, this memoir is an inspiration for those who are searching for a chance at a better life and a lesson in perseverance to become American.”

                       Anoop Ahuja Judge, Award-winning Author/Blogger/T.V. Anchor, The Rumy Club


Engineering a Life is so many things: a touching and humorous coming of age story; a starkly honest and revealing chronicle of colliding cultures; a testament to faith, humanity, and The American Dream. But most of all, it’s a compelling reminder that no matter who you are or what your provenance, life is not a straight path, but a labyrinthine maze—and that it isn’t the detours or even the final destination that define us, but how we meet the obstacles and challenges along the way.”

Grant Jarrett, award-winning author of Ways of Leaving, The House That Made Me, and The Half-Life of Remorse

“In Engineering a Life, Krishan Bedi describes what will be very familiar to many immigrant families in the United States today, a twisting and turning journey that was never predictable but always rewarding, sometimes in the most unexpected ways. Navigating a course that left him straddling two cultures, he manages to find his way home, with humor, pride, and a deep appreciation for both cultures. Readers will leave this book with a better understanding of both the indignities and triumphs of a life bravely reimagined in another land.”

                                           Rana Lee Adawi Awdish, MD FCCP, Author, In Shock